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About me

 When we meet, you are ‘on a corner’ in your life

and you may not know what you can expect if you turn off.

Together we determine where you want to go

and how you can reach your aim.

About me

I was educated as a historian, but spend my working life in journalism, as was my goal from the beginning. History is about people, politics, culture, society and storytelling, all which have I have a limitless interest in. For years I have been working (and still work) at the public broadcasting corporation of The Netherlands, at the main news programme NOS Journaal, the leading current affairs magazine NOVA (now Nieuwsuur) and since 2015 as an editor at the news site and app of NOS.nl, the online platform of NOS News.

As a managing editor at NOS for ten years, I was often involved with the professional and personal growth of my colleagues. That was a determining experience and in fact, a crucial motivation for me in this field. Over the years, I felt the need to explore and expand that and become a more able coach. Therefore, in the fall of 2019 I started the formal training to become a life and career coach at Nonons in Amsterdam, from which I graduated in the summer of 2020

Concerning hobby’s, fitness, hiking, listening music, reading, cooking a good meal and road cycling are my faves. In The Netherlands your struggle is not climbing steep mountains (there aren’t any) but resisting the wind that is always blowing. The everchanging cloudy skies over the flat meadows in the western part of Holland give me a sense of freedom.

My business is called On the Corner, induced by the Miles Davis album from 1972. His music for me is one source of inspiration: he was always been looking for new ways, reinventing himself and music several times. I also have a keen interest in movies and photography. Watching movies and looking photographs in papers, magazines, books and exhibitions has taught me to better ‘read’ people. The images of me on this website are originals by Dutch photographer Tessa Posthuma de Boer.

On the Corner: life and career coaching - personal growth, persoonlijke groei, loopbaancoaching, senior professionals - Michiel Hartzuiker