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On Coaching

Media professionals

Wether you are working as an editor, general editor, producer, reporter or managing editor: with more than thirty years of experience in the media I have an accurate picture of your professional habitat, and I can help you to find your – new – way there. Of course you can also apply for common coaching themes, like dealing with deadlines. Working more efficiently. Finding the balance between work and private life. Finding it hard to stand up for your own needs, or you want to collaborate more effectively.

Personal growth

Sometimes you feel you don’t know how to take the next step in your life or work. You are looking for what is to be done, but you can’t find it. Or you do, but you don’t dare to go there. Maybe you are struggling with issues like not being able to stand up for your own needs, not being able to make choices of not being able to manage your agenda. Maybe you find it hard to find the balance between work and private life. You are a perfectionist, nothing is ever good enough. You might be a team manager and dealing with some of your employees is difficult. Possibly you cherish a dream, but you are convinced that it never can or will be realized. Your are standing ‘on the corner’. This is the moment to contact me!

Career coaching

I’m offering career coaching for professionals. First, we look at your situation and the questions you want to explore. In four sessions you will establish a personal strategy for your career. The result turns out to be a set of options that are applicable and realistic. You will end up with the specific choices you can make with regard to your work in the shorter and longer term. Maybe you want to stay where you are, but in a different job. Or you want to do something entirely different, in another organization. You might conclude that you want to establish your own business, and that the time has come to do so.