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What you can expect

We start a coaching trajectory with an initial session for free to determine your goal and make sure we have a match. If we agree on that, we embark on a series of usually four to six sessions to focus on your question. Coaching sessions are strictly confidential; there won’t be any form of reporting to no one, employers or HR managers included.

Coaching is about something in your life that’s not running well right now, and a clear-cut goal you want to reach. Many people are well aware about their lives and what is going on there, but it can be rewarding to involve an outsider and make major steps forward by creating further awareness, doing exercises or developing new skills. To reflect, to go ahead or to make dreams come true!

My approach is pragmatic, empathic and goal oriented. Approaching me, means you are ‘on the corner’ in your life, and you might not be aware what happens if you handle it. This is what we are focusing on. If you have determined your aim, we look at whatever you can do to reach it, using the most common techniques and models in coaching. The idea is that you see where you are and make some important choices, and you are ready for some real action. A coach is not an expert or counselor: you are always responsible for your own coaching trajectory.

We can arrange for a session at my place in Amsterdam, but of course online sessions are also an option.

I am empathetic and have a strong intuition. Furthermore, I am a common sense person and I have a good sense of humour. If you are looking for a personal and goal oriented approach, please contact me for an introductory meeting without any obligation. I am offering coaching sessions in Dutch and English.

As a practicing coach I endorse the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors. I also endorse the Diversity and Inclusion Declaration of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Read more about the Global Code of Ethics here.The code is available in English and various other languages here.